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MyOne organises art show to raise sexual-health awareness

MyOne, the next-generation condoms, is making an official debut in Thailand at Warehouse 30 with an art exhibition featuring local Thai artists from February 14 to 16. 

“Through the mission to make condom use as socially acceptable as toothpaste and as second a nature as wearing a seatbelt, MyOne strives to empower consumers by encouraging people to stand up and express their personal beliefs about sex, in addition to raising awareness on sexual health and protection against HIV/Aids/STIs and unwanted pregnancies,” a statement from the brand said. 

“Our goal to enter the Thai market is not just to become another condom brand on the shelf but also to aspire to cultivate an inclusive community of open-minded individuals and in turn to de-stigmatise the perception of condoms within Thai communities,” said MK Goh, CEO of global condom maker Karex.

The exhibition next month will feature “unique masterpieces” from P7, Mauy and Riety, inspired by MyOne condoms. Admission is free.

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